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Thread: Natuzzi Leather Stickiness

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    Question Natuzzi Leather Stickiness

    Hi, I'm hoping to you can help me fix the stickiness of the leather seat back on my Natuzzi leather chair. About a year ago the chair suddenly began sticking to clothing, I've tried all kinds of cleaning & conditioning without any improvement. From looking at your forum this seems to be a somewhat common problem. Please advise how to obtain instruction, kits/prices for repair. Thank you.

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    Welcome to the Forum, Michaele,

    I believe you are talking about "Bicast" leather.

    Stickiness is a common problem and especially made worst by alkaline cleaning solution.

    Incompatible conditioner may also post a problem.

    To rectify the problem, all foreign contamination will need to be stripped off prior to a topcoat renewal.

    With a leather-safe system in place, stickiness will be a thing of the past.

    Post your problem with pictures to the Upholstery forum and we shall discuss the how to from there.

    For kit prices, email me direct.

    Roger Koh
    [email protected]

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    My couch is not sticky to the touch, but only becomes sticky once you sit in it for a long time, particularly in the summer.

    During hotter days, it ruins clothing when you sit in it. What happens is your back begins to perspire and the moisture causes it to stick to the furniture.

    I heard a theory that this was caused because we apply a flea-treatment (Frontline or Advantage) to our cats who later rub against the sofa. The chemical doesn’t react well with the conditioner, causing this to happen.

    There are references to “sticky leather couch” on the internet, but so far none seem to have a solution.

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