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Thread: Chanel - Restore a damaged vintage Chanel bag

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    Default Chanel - Restore a damaged vintage Chanel bag

    I was hoping I could get some advice from you regarding a vintage Chanel bag of mine that has been crushed under a very heavy object. The bag has become totally misshapen, and the leather in places quite stiff and crispy. On the inside flap, it is 'bubbling'. Some of the quilted diamonds appear to have shrunk and the quilting flattened, the leather has been so squashed! Also, the gold on the chain and the chain holes on the bag has in places faded off/eroded. I would like to restore the suppleness and original shape and perhaps recolour the leather and the hardware. I would also like to thoroughly clean inside and out. Please see the photos attached for the extent of the damage. Any advice on what to do, use and how to order any products would be very much appreciated.
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    From pictures, this bag is more than crushed under a very heavy object.

    Crushing will not result in leather becoming stiff and crispy.

    It is the lost of the leather fatliquor (fat and oil) that causes all these additional other bubbling and flattening too.

    It is more of a dry solvent or heat that comes in contact that is the real culprit.

    Repairs, is possible; but will be tedious to have the affected areas relax and soften before fatliquor is replenished to retain back to the original shape.

    This restoring back to original will require more patience as the shrink leather needs to gradually stretch without causing further damages.

    To do it yourself you may need this Kit A6.dr to restore the leather. Gold plating will need a specialist. Otherwise, you may send to Leather Doctor® to coordinate the services.

    You may refer to this Problem Solving Guide for Aniline leathers>

    Leather-Safe Problem Solving Guide (A) – Aniline Leathers

    Products mentioned are found in this Kit A6.dr

    Leather Doctor® Kit A6.dr

    Roger Koh
    Email: [email protected]

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    Hi Roger,

    I have just purchased kit A3 for my bag. Please could you instruct me on how to proceed using it?

    Thanks again,


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