I've been looking for someone with the nowledge to help me resolve many cleaning, maintenance, and restoration issues. Hopefully I've found someone with the expertise to realy help. We've positioned ourselves in an upscale market and my clients depend on us for help with their exotic furnishings. I have always been dissapointed with the results we've achieved in aniline and nubuck leather. There are some Eel skin chairs that I will send you pictures os when I can find them, but for now I want to know what you think about this Python Ottoman.
I've worked on this Python ottoman in the past. It was extremely blotchy prior to me working on it. Extremely faded, never cleaned or conditioned for over 10 years before I worked on it.
Originally I cleaned it with Soft Cleaner, Conditioned it with Leather Conditioner and Applied Protection Cream all (Leather Master products). Most of the blotchyness went away, however it never returned to it's original color and luster. (This client has been collecting Python skins for several years to have it recoverd, she can't find many of the large skins necessary to make it work, but that's how I know how awesome the original skins should look).
Do you think their is a way to resore it to it's original look? I will sen you a picture with a follow up post.