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Thread: Bicast - Dark Brown Natuzzi Bicast Sofa - Damaged Finish - Dull and Sticky!

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    Default Bicast - Dark Brown Natuzzi Bicast Sofa - Damaged Finish - Dull and Sticky!

    I had found the thread that mentioned the same sticky leather problem with my dark brown Natuzzi sofa.
    I have attached photos of the sofa.
    The damage is worse on the right arm, seat, and mid back area.
    The finish is also dull on the front vertical edge of the seat.
    The middle seat cushion is also dull and sticky.
    Gloss is beginning to show the smallest amount of wear on the left.
    The color is consistent but might have darkened where the gloss finish has damage.

    Sofa is approximately eight years old.
    Damage only to areas of use from body sweat.
    No lamination problems.
    Cleaned only by dusting with cloth, damp cloth or using Leather Master leather care program.
    No direct sun exposure.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.





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    The damage is worse on the right arm, seat, and mid back area.

    From picture #5, we can see lint sticking to it.
    This is done with Degreaser-2.2 follows with Rinse-3.0 with the help of leather Brush-1, leather Eraser-4 and Sanding with 2000grit. The suffix of the products denotes the pH value; besides degreasing, it will neutralize the alkaline pH derive from perspiration that is one reason for the stickiness. This is a wet process preparing for a topcoat refinishing; where the existing deteriorating topcoat is removed.

    The finish is also dull on the front vertical edge of the seat.

    Picture #2, can’t see much of the dullness (may be due to quality of the picture). This is mainly due to friction rubs, as this is an area that received the most flexing, with compressing. Topcoat-66Gloss refinishing will improve the situation.

    The middle seat cushion is also dull and sticky.

    Dullness is due to the deteriorating of the existing topcoat that needs to be removed and replace with fresh coating.

    Gloss is beginning to show the smallest amount of wear on the left.

    Not sure which picture shows the gloss, but it is associated with body grease and oil that gives the extra shine; degreasing will remove them.

    The color is consistent but might have darkened where the gloss finish has damage.

    Depending on the outcome of the removal of the gloss, it may reveal the color damages. Color refinishing is an option, for bicast there is the base opaque color and the top transparent dyes that imitates aniline leathers. If the base color is still intact Bicast Dye-76 refinishing suffices, otherwise if the base color is also damaged, then Bicast Pigment-32 is required as well.

    I will show how the recommended kit looks like, the next post.

    Roger Koh
    [email protected]
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    Here's the recommended Bicast leather Kit B5.xt to solve the tackiness problem.

    Leather Doctor® Bicast Leather – Sticky Remover and Topcoat Refinisher – Kit B5.xt


    Leather Doctor® Acidifier-2.0 in 250ml
    This is a pH 2.0 aqueous leather acidifier; developed for neutralizing alkaline overexposure from perspiration stain that cause tackiness on bicast leathers.
    This treatment is done to mild cases and may not remove soiling contamination that may require the help of Degreaser-2.2 follows with Rinse-3.0; prior to topcoat refinishing.
    This product is also available in concentrate to be cut with distilled water at a ratio of 1: 25. For severe cases the concentration can be increase to pH 1.0 by cutting with distilled water at a ratio of 1: 4.

    Leather Doctor® Degreaser-2.2 in 60ml
    It's for Bicast Leather.
    This is a pH 2.2 high viscosity aqueous formulated leather degreaser.
    It’s primarily for degreasing leather of oil, grease and perspiration stains that damages the topcoat turning them sticky.
    This is in fact to assist in the removal of the deteriorating topcoat with the help of horsehair Brush-1; leather Eraser-4 and 2000girt sanding.
    Product packing sizes are available in 60ml, 250ml and in Quart.
    1] Dry soil removal is done with leather Eraser-4, especially to clothing fibers that becomes stick to the finish.
    2] Should not see any separation prior to use; shake until cloudy gel, apply and agitate with Brush-1 / leather Eraser-4.
    3] Let dwell 10 to 30 minutes or before it dries for complete soil penetration, lubrication and suspension to occur.
    4] Extract suspended soiling and deteriorated finish with dry towel.
    5] Then remove remaining residue with Rinse-3.0 to a squeaky clean; for reduce tackiness use Acidifier-2.0 instead.
    6] Use 2000grit sanding to smoothen out the finish in conjunction with either Rinse-3.0 or Acidifier-2.0

    Leather Doctor® Cleaner-3.8 in 250ml.
    This is a pH 3.8 all purpose leather-safe anionic cleaner that is particularly effective in emulsifying oily soils and in suspending its particulates. This is used for the non-body contact areas in conjunction with Degreaser-2.2. It works by penetrating, lubricating and suspending soiling safely and effectively through gentle chemical reaction. This product is always followed through with Rinse-3.0 as a system to a healthy squeaky feel.

    Leather Doctor® Rinse-3.0 in 250ml.
    This is a pH 3.0 aqueous anionic leather-safe rinse to neutralize harmful alkaline and perspiration residues; for stabilizing and strengthening leather to its neutral pH value of 3 to 5/6 chemistry integrity. It's safe for all leather types including Bicast.

    Leather Doctor® Bicast Topcoat-66G in 60ml
    It’s an aqueous soft polyurethane bicast leather gloss topcoat.
    It is lightfast and non-yellowing.
    It has excellent flow and leveling properties.
    It’s recoatable and forms a flexible tough film.
    This product is available in 60ml, 250ml and in quart.
    Topcoat-66G is for sealing and protecting the freshly dried Bicast Dye-76. When used as a standalone it is recommended that the surface is free of foreign contamination by undergoing a restorative cleaning in this sequence of process – Degreaser-2.2 > Rinse-3.0. If tackiness is still detected thereafter, it is recommended that they are physically removed by using 1500/2000grit oscillating disc sander. Test coating when dry again for tackiness, otherwise 1 to 5% Crosslinker-25 is recommended to be added to the product.
    1] Apply by padding with lint-free rag or fine spraying a panel at a time avoiding drips and spits.
    2] Let dry in-between coating with optional fine sanding for smoothness.
    3] Non-stick, rub-resistance protection with a classic leather scent - use Protection-D+.

    Leather Doctor® Crosslinker-25 in 30ml
    It’s an auxiliary for refinishing topcoats to improve adhesion properties and increase top coat film strength.
    This is a high solid, polyaziridine crosslinker, without the VOC (volatile organic compound).
    It's super-concentrated and when incorporating 1 to 5% to the topcoat it will significantly boost adhesion.
    By creating a tougher film that also ties up some of the hydrophilic elements.
    This product is available in 30ml and 60ml.
    1] Mix and stir simultaneously.
    2] Use topcoat within 8 hours.

    Leather Doctor® Protection-D+ in 120ml.
    This is a non-film forming, non-stick rub-resistant protector that enhances a draggy-feel with a classic leather scent. It imparts a non-stick barrier essentially to shield the detrimental effects of sticky soiling including the nasty ballpoint ink. And it does help to release those tenacious dye-transfer stains easily without resorting to unnecessary color refinishing. Its natural draggy-feel protection increases the leather resistance to wet and dry rubs, thus reduce stretch, scuff and abrasion. It is also used as a scuff repairer, filling and concealing surface scuffs to improve appearance. The drag produces an unforgettable familiar sound sweet to the ears when leather is rubbed.

    Leather Doctor® Leather Eraser-4
    This is a 2½ x 2½ x ¾ inch foam rubber sponge eraser with a crepe side for effective dry/wet soil removal.

    Horsehair Detailing Leather Brush-1
    This horsehair detailing brush is ergonomically designed to be an extension of our hand with sturdy grooved grip, designed to produce an effective result easily and efficiently for many years to come. It’s recommended for all smooth leather, to deliver a scratch-free agitation cleaning. The length is 7 inches with a three row 1½ inches bristles cleaning head.

    This is the 3” made in USA washable foam brush for general product application.

    Washable Rags
    This rag works like washable cloth, lint free and highly absorbent for extracting suspended soiling or for wiping protectors during routine easy cleaning-protection application.

    This 2000grit sandaper is used for removing deteriorated existing finish and also helps to smooth it prior to topcoat application.

    Refills are available...for more information email [email protected]
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