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Thread: Suede - Chair with some Deep Sharpie Type Marking in the Back

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    Default Suede - Chair with some Deep Sharpie Type Marking in the Back

    I would also like your spay ink remover.
    I have a chair coming in that's suede with some deep sharpie type marking in the back.
    Thankfully the customer is not expecting much.
    So any movement will on the ink will work.
    Let me know what I need to buy and how to purchase.


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    Removing sharpie type marking will to a certain degree remove the existing suede dyes as well; hydrating with Hydrator-3.3 will somehow wick up the dormant dyestuff from the thickness of the suede to resurface thereafter.

    The removing process is to start from the mildest to the strong, or rather doing a testing on isolated stains to see how it response.

    The products that move such stains are:

    This stripper at pH 2.3 gives the fastest response for immediate removal and it is residue free; from here Hydrator-3.3 can starts immediately to activate the suede dyes to ressurface.

    This is a pH 2.2 degreaser, less aggressive than the Stripper-2.3; need to follows with Rinse-3.0 to remove the suds prior to Hydrator-3.3.

    This is a slower response pH 4.4 prep cleaner that takes dwell time up to 4 hours to see any response on the stain movement, but is very safe; however the sticky residue requires to be remove with Cleaner-3.8; thereafter Rinse-3.0; then commencing on the Hydrator-3.3.

    This is a faster prep and response faster in dwell time and may have to check every 2 hours to see any response, as over dwelling on dyes has known to remove them as well; the sticky residue is remove with Cleaner-3.8 > Rinse-3.0 > Hydrator-3.3.

    So the above are the choices for the sharpie type marking removal.

    You may need this standard suede kit as well

    Leather Doctor® Suede Leather Care Kit S3

    Roger Koh
    [email protected]

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