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Thread: Bicast - Leather couch is staining my shirts.

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    Default Bicast - Leather couch is staining my shirts.

    I have a leather couch, indeterminate age, which was given me by a neighbor when they moved out. The springs are in decent shape, but the leather is getting a bit tired.

    I've had it about a year now. I've noticed when I sit on it for a while, I become stuck to it. Also I've been getting stains on my shirts, that I eventually figured out were coming from the couch. Last week I fell asleep on it and woke up to find myself glued to the surface; had to roll myself off onto the floor. Then the back of my shirt was almost completely black.

    There are also a few small tears, and some places where the brown is worn off completely leaving bare leather.

    Any suggestions on repairing these, and any suggestion of how to get the brown out of my shirt?

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    Looks like I am looking at “Bicast” leather type.

    I've noticed when I sit on it for a while, I become stuck to it

    The finishes especially the gloss urethane topcoating has deterioated (lost of shine), leaving the colorcoat more vulnerable to sweat damages (“brown is worn off”).

    Recommendation for a holistic refinishing in this sequence of processes:

    A] Preparation Cleaning:

    1] Stickiness may be due to sweat contamination and is to be pH neutralized with Acidifier-2.0 (pH 2.0) until a squeaky feel.

    2] Preparation cleaning with Prep-7.7 (pH 7.7) with help of Leather Eraser-4 and horsehair Brush-1 for detailing stitching and tight corners with towel extraction.

    3] Sticky residue is removed with Cleaner-3.8 (pH 3.8) and towel extraction.

    4] Remaining suds is removed with Rinse-3.0 to a squeaky feel.

    5] Fine wet sanding is done with 1000 – 2000 sanding grit to smoothen any roughness follows with Rinse-3.0 towel extraction.

    B] Repairs:

    1] Stucco-90 + Leather Bond-3D + Bicast Pigment-32 for repairing small tears accordingly.

    C] Refinishing:

    1] Adhesor-73 is used to ensure good bonding between the existing and new finishing as the sealer coat.

    2] Opaque Bicast Pigment-32 is to ensure even appearance as it block off existing uneven finishes and may take on a monotone appearance.

    3] Transparent Bicast Dye-76 is use to create the beauty of depth.

    4] Bicast Topcoat-66G is use to bring back the desired gloss luster typical of bicast leather.

    Here are some of the products mentioned

    Leather Doctor® Kit - Bicast Leather – Tackiness Refinishing Kit (Tan Color)

    The complete product description and instruction can be found in this link:

    “any suggestion of how to get the brown out of my shirt?”

    Acetone would be the best choice, but I think will also dissolve acetate fabric (need to do a test if it is safe to your fabric).

    Let me know what you think?

    Roger Koh
    [email protected]

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