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Thread: Mercedes Leather Steering Wheel becomes Sticky - How to remove?

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    Default Mercedes Leather Steering Wheel becomes Sticky - How to remove?

    Thanks for responding.
    I am not sure what I need.
    I have just purchased a car with a leather steering wheel that is "sticky" where it has been held.
    I would like to get the right products to make it like new.
    Please let me know what you recommend.

    Here are attached pictures for reference.


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    Picture #1 shows clearly the grooves of the leather grains is filled with body contact contamination.

    Possibly is this soiling that is affecting the dressing above or below that causes this stickiness side effect.

    It is recommended to be 100% stripped off down to the original OEM finish.

    Thereafter it is recommended to topcoat refinish and follows with a non-stick, rub-resistant, draggy-feel, leather-scented protection.

    These restorative cleaning, topcoat refinish and protection will return more than your expectation.

    Pictures can only shows how clean or new-like it looks, may not tell how it may feel with our hand grip; leather scent is another consideration (Odorless version is available too).

    The sequence structure of the cleaning process is as follows:

    1] Prep-7.7 > Cleaner-3.8 > Rinse-3.0

    2] Topcoat-72M (optional)

    3] Protection-D+

    These pictures shows the restorative cleaning steps on a Porsche leather steering wheel




    Leather Doctor® Auto Pigmented Leather Topcoat Refinishing Kit AP5.r (matte)

    Roger Koh
    [email protected]
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