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Thread: Sheepskin Rug - Urine stains

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    Default Sheepskin Rug - Urine stains

    A little dog (must be the size of a kitten) went poop and wee on several sheepskins. I took the job on because the damage was rather small and localized to just the furn...not into the skin.
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    Default the Lamb cleans up

    I removed the solid material then treated the urine with urine spot. The feces I treated with protein spotter. I finished with cleaner & rinse for sheep wool...It smells much better now too!!!!
    Leather Expert from the Big Sky, Rachelle
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    Good job!

    A recap for surface urine contamination procedure consideration is as follows:

    Step 1. Use a pH 2.1 neutralizer to neutralize the ammonia and alkali phosphorus salt as the first phase.
    Step 2. Then follow with a pH 4.7 bio-enzymatic digester to break down the hydrogenous compound stain as the second phase.
    Step 3. Continue with a pH 11.0 protein spotter to remove the remaining residue as the third phase.
    Step 4. Neutralize the high alkaline residue with a pH 2.0 acidifier.
    Step 5. Clean with a pH 5.5 cleaner.
    Step 6. Rinse with a pH 4.0 acidifier rinse.
    Step 7. If yellow persists use a pH 7.0 de-yellowing solution.
    Step 8. A pH 3.6 mold and antimicrobial treatment for 8 months guarantee.
    Step 9. A silky feel conditioner with the leather scent that last 4 to 6 weeks.

    These procedures should be communicated as to educate our customer.
    Price each step as an option of choice.
    We are neither over selling nor under selling.
    We are upfront, therefore no liability or accusation of incompetency.
    We will have more clients than customers.
    And that’s professional too with a clear conscience.

    Roger Koh

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