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    Default Cowhide Rug

    Just getting my feet wet with hair on leather items. A client has several hair on cow hide rugs, which the care taker says are hard to vacuum because they seem to have dandruf. Will leather softener fatliquor do the trick?

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    Default How to Clean a Hair-on Hide!

    Very unlikely it is dandruff, rather it maybe other dry cleaning compound residue that was left over by the previous cleaner.

    Suggest it be comb with a slick doggy comb to break up these residues and dry vacuum thoroughly before wet cleaning.

    Use shearling5.5™ leather safe pH value 5.5 sanitizer and cleaner to do the cleaning: Spray > brush with nubuck Brush (stiff nylon) > extract (by vacuum and/or towel).

    Next Spray rinse4.0™ brush and extract (by vacuum &/or towel).

    Optional sheen-condition it with fur&Hair’S™ (to bring back the natural healthy sheen of hair or fur).

    Optional mothproof it with mothProof5.4™ (pH value 5.4 is a leather safe mothproofing agent that slowly release insect-repelling vapors against insect damages).

    fatliquor5.0™ is to be treated from the suede side of the Hair-on-Hide to give strength and softness (prevent from hide going bald on traffic areas).

    For very dry hide, it is best to rehydrate by spray soaking it with relaxer3.3™ overnight prior to fatliquoring while the hide is still damp.

    Hope this professional prescription with option is communicated to your customer as to educate them if they value them for keep for a very long time to come.

    Roger Koh
    Leather Doctor® System

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