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Thread: Permanent marker on leather jacket

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    Default Permanent marker on leather jacket

    My daughter recently marked my light brown leather jacket with a sharpie black permanent marker. That's my favorite jacket and I'm hoping I would be able to remove it without any traces of marks afterward. What should I use?
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    It would be easier to give a more precise answer if we can see some pictures.

    If yours is typical napa leather jacket (pigmented yet absorbent) the marker solvent content would have dissolved the topcoat that makes the subsequent removal prone to the color removal as well.

    Prep-7.7 will remove the dye content of the marker.

    The remaining micro pigment content may require Degreaser-2.2 to help out.

    Anyway whether the color is removed together or not the stain still have to be removed otherwise it will wick up through the new color as well.

    Leather finish identification has to be positive prior to any removal attempt.

    So waiting for your pictures…

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