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Thread: How to remove grease from Nubuck ? couch cushions

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    Default How to remove grease from Nubuck ? couch cushions


    I recently bought a chesterfield couch. The seller told me it's deerskin. It's very soft and looks like nubuck to me (see pics). The frame is in really good condition but the cushions have darkers spots (probably grease).

    What do you recommend?

    Thank you,

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    You go through this Problem Solving Guide for Nubuck and follow its sequence of steps to achieve your desire results. I will walk you through once you have the product at hand.

    Roger Koh
    [email protected]

    Leather Doctor® Nubuck Leather Care Kit-N3

    Prep-4.4 - 60ml
    Degreaser-2.2 - 60ml
    Cleaner-3.8 - 250ml
    Rinse-3.0 - 250ml
    Hydrator-3.3 - 250ml
    Fatliquor-5.0 - 250ml
    Leather Scent-S - 120ml
    Leather Eraser-4 - 1pc
    Nubuck Eraser-5 - 1pc
    Nubuck (nylon) Brush-2 - 1pc
    3” Poly-Brush® - 1pc
    Washable Rags - 6pcs

    Email [email protected] for prices.

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