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Thread: Bicast - How to restore a bicast sectional that is flaking everywhere?

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    Unhappy Bicast - How to restore a bicast sectional that is flaking everywhere?

    I have a brown bonded leather or bicast sectional. The dye or paint is flaking everywhere on all the seat cushions leaving behind the remnants of raw black bonded leather material. Is it possible to remove the remaining brown color flakes and resurface/refinish. I noticed you used a bicastDye27 as well as other systems in one of your threads. This is a very large sectional and I would hate to have to toss it.

    Do you need to see a picture of the flaking?

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    It would be better to have pictures as reference as not all bicast behaves similarly these that are easily delaminated are also the heat sensitive types.

    In order to refinish, the poorly bonded lamination have to be completely removed.

    And the work involved can be accomplished in this manner:

    A] Removal of poorly bonded lamination:
    1] Pull it off clean with duct-tape.

    B] Re-strengthening the Split:
    1] Applying Impregnator-26 to build a smooth surface skin (by incorporating matching aniline Dyestuff e.g. Aniline Dye-21 (Dark Brown-124)).

    C] Adhesion Promoter to eliminate delaminating:
    1] Apply Adhesor-73

    D] Recreating the Bicast opaque color base:
    1] Apply Pigment-64 custom color brown (a ratio mix of black and maroon)

    E) Recreating the Bicast fashion effect:
    1] Custom Aniline Dye-21 with mix of Adhesor-73 up to 30% to apply to give a look of depth closed to bicast.

    F) A draggy-feel effect is recommended for bicast leathers (those that imitate the Aniline Wax-Effect type).

    It is always recommended that a small section is tested out prior to the complete project.

    The mentioned products can be found in this link:

    Roger Koh
    [email protected]

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