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Thread: Thick suede jacket hard as a rock???

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    Default Thick suede jacket hard as a rock???

    My beige and grey mid length jacket has random areas that
    seems to have shrunk, dried and puckered and became hard
    as a rock. I know I tried spot cleaning it one day and the can
    was a light grown color. Can someone describe what happened?
    I believe the can was for suede as I don't randomly use just anything
    without first reading the lable. The jacket is a thick suede. Not a thin
    flowing kind. Can this hard area be rehydrated?

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    Yes the shrunk, dried, and puckered hard as rock areas can return to as soft and supple as you wish when it’s hydrated and fatliquored.

    More details of the why and how-to when you show us some pictures…

    Meanwhile take a look at this Suede Problem Solving Guide…

    And by using this Kit to solve your problem…

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    Roger Koh
    [email protected]

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