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Thread: Bicast Leather Peeling!

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    Default Bicast Leather Peeling!

    I'm wondering if this couch is salvageable?

    I'd love to fix it, but I have no idea which of your products I should purchase.

    Thanks so much,


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    This is bicast / bycast leather, the film lamination has no way to laminate it back. It has to be complete removed.

    Instead of the film, a color finish is applied to the existing base.

    The color composed of two color, the base color is opaque to block off the crust color and the top color is transparent to look like aniline leather finish.

    A gloss topcoat is then applied to seal the coloring coating from rubbing off during use or cleaning.

    The Protection-B+ is for reduce friction wear.

    The recommended kit is - Kit B6.xt

    Leather Doctor® Kit B6.xt = Bicast Leather Care + Degreaser + Pigment + Dyestuff + Topcoat

    Roger Koh
    [email protected]

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