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    Default Ugg boots

    I have been asked if I can have a look at a pair of Ugg boots and to clean them if possible.

    What would be the correct way to clean these.

    At the moment I only have access to Leather Master products.

    Thank you in advance.


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    Ugg® is famous for their twin-face sheepskin products.

    The wool face requires a wool-safe shearling5.5™ pH value 5.5 woolskin cleaner, follows with rinse4.0™ pH value 4.0.

    For wool face that yellows, perhaps a d’Lanolin5.6™ pH value 5.6 wool degreaser will help to degrease the lanolin than follows with rinse4.0™.

    For severe yellowing that does not response to the wool degreaser than d’Yellow7.0™ an optical brightener helps reduce the yellowing.

    The pH value of cleaners is vital to maintain the pH chemistry integrity of wool to reduce negative result like felting, yellowing, etc.

    Alkaline cleaners and soap may yellows white wool and leaves a sticky scum that attracts soil easily.

    Other cleaners and degreaser can clean wool, but the wool reabsorbs them, they become difficult to rinse away.

    shearling5.5™ contains a mild disinfectant ingredient that helps to control odor causing bacteria too.

    Because wool is very hygroscopic and may absorb up to 30 percent of its own weight before it becomes really damp.

    The moist environment in the wool becomes an ideal ground for bacteria growth.

    Therefore d’Bacteria3.7™ pH value 3.7, a leather safe bacteria disinfectant that is biodegradable, odorless and colorless becomes handy.

    As for the suede skin spotting, degreasing, cleaning, rinsing, structure conditioning or surface conditioning depending on the severity of soiling relevant products are as follows:

    d’Oil4.4™ pH value 4.4 is a leather safe paint, oil, grease and ink mild spotting agent for all leathers.

    d’Grease4.9™ pH value 4.9 is an aqueous leather safe degreaser for all leathers.

    clean3.8™ pH value 3.8 is a leather safe aqueous general purpose cleaner for all leathers.

    rinse3.0™ pH value 3.0 is a leather safe aqueous mild acidifier rinse for all leathers.

    fatliquor5.0™ pH value ±5.0 is an anionic (-) charged micro emulsion fatliquor for softening and strengthening all leathers.

    leatherScent’W™ is a non film-forming, non-stick tactile feel conditioner to enhance a soft natural waxy feel with a classic leather scent.

    As for agitation:
    suedeBrush3™ is recommended for all necessary agitation.

    As for Extraction:
    Wet vacuuming can only do so much.
    Still it’s more practical to extract with dry absorbent towel after vacuuming.

    As for Drying:
    Drying time varies depending on the amount of moisture remaining after cleanng, prevailing temperature and humidity conditions.
    Leather should be dried using ambient conditions of temperature and humidity.
    Forced drying, especially using heat is not recommended.
    Providing proper ventitlation and air movement is highly recommended to expedite drying.

    Suede side is groomed with nubuckEraser4™ to enhance their fresh appearances with “a finger writing effect”.

    It is better if you can post pictures, so that cleaning answers will be more specific than general.

    If you like this system, there is an opportunity for you to bottle these products and distribute them at your end.

    All are welcome!

    You become a manufacturer, distributor and a leather specialist in your marketing area.

    Roger Koh
    Leather Doctor® System

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    Thanks Roger, I'm heading off for a country job and will take & post photos this week-end, it's Friday here.

    I also have a mouldy sheepskin coat I will post photos on for your advice prior to purchasing product from you.

    Thanks again,


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    Thank you for these good pictures.

    Wool face - Looks matted or clumpy with slight yellowish or lost of color at the tip.
    Skin face - Penetrated stains lower and soil at higher with a white speck most lightly a pigment deposit (feel stiff) rather than a lost of color (feel soft).
    Coarse breaks (creases) show the collapse of leather structure need to rectify with rehydration (relaxer3.3™) and fatliquoring (fatliquor5.0™).

    Dry Soil Removal:
    Wool face - Requires to be carded to remove as much dry dirt as possible with a suedeBrush3™, doggy brushes or equivalent.
    Skin face - Brush with suedeBrush3™, nubuckEraser4™ or equivalent.

    Cleaning Preference:
    Clean the wool face first let dry before cleaning the suede face.

    To reduce the coarse break:
    The suede has to be wet through, that is damp after the rinse3.0™ before fatliquor5.0™ otherwise relaxer3.3™ will help to plum up the coarse break (creases) prior to fatliquoring.

    To retain the shape:
    Use white clean paper, cloth or shoe stretcher to keep the boots in shape until dry.

    I think these are the extra tips that might be useful for your professional services.

    Please let me know what you think?

    Roger Koh
    Leather Doctor® System.

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    Default shorty's boots

    Don't let Shorty fool you,, they really are HIS boots!

    I've had the exteem pleasure of knowing Shorty in the rug care industry for several years now and want to thank Shorty for inviting me to this board. Looks like a great resource for leather care. I will frequent here myself.

    btw,, I purchased some of those UGG boots for my daughter while visiting Shorty and his wife Delia and they are a massive hit for her!
    Stephen "Dusty" Roberts

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