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Thread: Nubuck: Wax drips on Nubuck

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    Default Nubuck: Wax drips on Nubuck

    Roger, I would like your advise on removing wax drips from a tray made from Nubuck. someone already tried to remove a few spots, which you will see are shiny around the wax.

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    It is easier that I do it for you!

    All wax has their melting point.

    Applying heat over a blotting paper will extract the molten wax.

    Appropriate solvent type will further dissolved the wax to be absorbed off the nubuck.

    Acidic bleach like d’Tarnish1.3™ may help to reduce the dye.

    And finally a re-coloring with matching nubuckColor94™ and nubuckFix99™ may be necessary to bring it to new condition.

    What do you think?

    Roger Koh
    Leather Doctor®

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    Sounds like what I do for most fabrics, other than color them afterward. I will work on removal and if it removes color I will get back to you.

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