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Thread: Nubuck - got olive oil and vinegar conditioner.

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    Default Nubuck - got olive oil and vinegar conditioner.

    Hello, this recliner got thoroughly conditioned with a diy olive oil and vinegar conditioner thinking it was analine since there was no noticable nap. What is going to happen to it? If a cover is put over it is it usable? Will the oil eventually soak in? Is there anything I can do like buffing it with sandpaper etc?


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    All you need is this Nubuck Starter Kit-N60 (60ml sizes) or Kit-N250 (250ml sizes) to test it out.

    To remove the unwanted Oils Degreaser-2.2 does the work follows by Rinse-3.0.

    Nubuck Eraser-5 will help to re-nap the nubuck.

    How much oil did you use?

    Do you have pictures to show us?

    Roger Koh
    [email protected]

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