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Thread: Jacket that sheds color

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    Default Jacket that sheds color

    This item was purchased from a retail store...the whole series had a problem with the color sluffing off. Just hanging on the racks rubbing against each other the color was removed. My customer got the jacket for free and wants a stable color. Set me up.
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    Default Crocking is the dry transfer of excess color or dye.

    This phenomenal is known as crocking – if the article is relatively new.
    Crocking is the dry transfer of excess color or dye.
    It is easily detected by wiping a clean, white towel or cotton swab for 10-12 times.

    If this is smooth leather wipe with clean white towel rag to remove excess.
    If its nubuck or suede brush with matching brushes avoiding scratches.
    Thorough vacuum and wipe with white rags to remove dyes or pigment residues.
    Then spray and groom where necessary especially suede or nubuck.

    Use nubuckFix99™ aka colorFix99™
    It’s is a water based formulation spray developed to abate crocking on aniline, suede or nubuck.
    Crocking is greatly reduced or eliminated on most leather with good fixing of aniline dyes and micro pigment colors.
    Improve wet rub fastness and reduce bleeding.
    Maintain the natural feel and “finger writing effect” of the nap.

    Roger Koh

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