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Thread: Question Regarding Color Products?

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    Default Question Regarding Color Products?


    I notice that you have colors called fineColor74, napacolor84, and semiColor64, what is the difference between them and when would they be used?

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    Default Because we don’t make a pariah out of a leather type!

    napaColor84™ is a nitrocellulose (NC) lacquer emulsion.
    This product is generally use in fashion (blazer) napa (lamb) leather.
    This type of finish is common from fashion Danier® to Hugo BOSS®.
    They have a warm mellow solid satin look commonly in black.
    More than 50% of all fashion leather is black.
    This finish type is most absorbent and delicate among the pigmented series.
    Edges along zipper or button, elbow areas are often worn that reveals the chrome wet blue crust.
    In comparison a higher end fashion jacket Zegna™ ($3500) is aniline dye leathers (anilineDye21™).
    These are the identification to differentiate them out.
    Black aniline leathers have a bronze metallic overcast, versus pigmented NC which has a much solid color.
    Aniline leathers are dye through (structure) and dye-on (surface), the suede side has the solid aniline dye too.
    To complicate you further, pigment from fine compact resin (CR) fineColor74™ are also been used as fashion wear.
    We are talking in leather finish superlative (fine, finer and finest).
    So thus fashion labels, HugoBoss® is always a fashion above Danier® as Zegna® is always a fashion above HugoBoss®.
    Products for finest fashion leather are anilineDye21™ system, finer fashion leather is napaColor84™ system and fine fashion leather is fineColor74™.

    Now, leather upholstery is made to be sat on.
    Today napa leather for upholstery is rare as a general comparison.
    So the use of napaColor84™ (NC) is ruled out in upholstery.
    The Mercedes S500 napa leather interior may use the fineColor74™ type of (CR) finish for its fine napa leather interior.

    Do we find high-end aniline leathers in automobile?
    Yes! Of course Mercedes S500, we are spoiled with choice!

    And semi-aniline leathers in automobile?
    Why not? Mercedes S500 have them too.

    How about suede use in automobile interior?
    Mercedes S500 have them as well.

    When would they (anilineDye21™, napaColor84™, fineColor74™, semiColor64™, primeColor34™ or nubuckColor94™) be used?

    We identify the leather types and match them accordingly.

    As professional we do not make a pariah out of a leather type!

    Master these products separates the boys from the man – “a cut above the rest”.

    Roger Koh.

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