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Thread: Soiled and greasy collar of leather jacket

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    Default Soiled and greasy collar of leather jacket

    My final question about the 63 year old A2 jacket is about the collar. This has gone black in a few places obviously as a result of having been worn a lot and is ingrained with grease and dirt. How should I go about removing this dirt?

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    Default How to Remove Ingrained Greasy Body Soil on a 63 yrs old USAAF A2 Jacket.

    Re: How to Remove Ingrained Greasy Body Soil on a 63 yrs old USAAF A2 Jacket.

    This task is primary to remove this long-term problematic heavy build-up-body-oil stain.

    Remember age sets spots and stains and these damages went unnoticed, camouflaged by the greasy dark stain for a long time.

    Some people may think that it is due to the hydrolyzed and oxidized greasy oil that cause damages; they conveniently forget the body contact with wet rubbing when one’s perspire but the main culprit is the harmful alkaline urea residue from the perspiration that ferments.

    When this aged body oils and perspiration alkaline urea residue ferments by atmospheric natural bacteria and gives off ammonia gas the pH value would be almost 10 to 11.

    The pH neutral of leather is 4.

    The pH of hydrogen ions difference between the leather neutral pH 4 and ammonia pH 10 is 1,000,000 times.

    The damages once unveiled may be more obvious.

    It may reveal deterioration, color-loss, worn-out, discoloration, delaminating or cracking to the surface finish.

    This is a waiver of liability for cleaners and owners have to acknowledge before further proceedings.

    We are cleaners not magicians!

    Procedure steps are as follows:

    Step 1. Dry soil removal with leatherBrush1™

    Step 2. Apply deGreaser4.1™ in conjunction with ultraCleaner4.5™ agitates gently and let dwell 5 to 15 minutes before extraction with a dry absorbent towel. Use superRemover4.6™ for other oil or grease based embedded stains. Note these products are leather-pH-balanced, the number indicates their pH value for safe cleaning first.

    Step 3. Use cleaner3.8™ sprays, with leatherBrush1™ light agitation and extract with absorbent towel.

    Step 4. Use rinse3.0™ sprays, with optional light agitation and extract with absorbent towel.

    Step 5. When surface looks clean, apply fatliquor5.0™ while the leather is still damp and allows it to penetrate evenly, what stay on the surface that don’t penetrated is wasted and is of no value to soften and strength the leather.

    Step 6. Leave to slow natural drying indoor.

    Step 7. When dry, stretching, flexing or massaging the leather will make the leather as soft as you wish.

    Step 8. Spray leatherScent’B™ and spread it with foam brushes.

    Further queries are welcome!

    Roger Koh
    Leather Doctor® System
    [email protected]

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