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Thread: Restoration of soiled lining to leather jacket

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    Default Restoration of soiled lining to leather jacket

    The question is about cleaning the soiled lining of the 63 year old USAAF A2 jacket as mentioned in another post on this forum. The lining is in general good condition apart from the neck and collar which is a bit tattered. The lining is made of cotton. So what is the best way to clean this?

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    Default How to Clean Soiled Cotton Lining on a 63 yrs old A-2 Horsehide Leather Flight Jacket

    Re: How to Clean Soiled Cotton Lining on a 63 yrs old A-2 Horsehide Leather Flight Jacket.

    The cleaning objective is to remove the soiling without causing immediate or long term damage to the cotton lining or to the leather.

    As the pH value of average leather is between 3 and 5.

    We want to ensure that the pH value of products use is within this range too.

    So that wetting the suede side of the leather inevitably would not cause a concern.

    An upholstery jet extraction tool would be useful to rinse off the suspended soil so that it would not be re-deposited or push through the fabric into the suede side and been absorbed by it.

    A wet and dry vacuum with an upholstery tool would be the next best choice just for extraction during the rinsing process.

    Procedure step-by-step is as follows:

    Step1. Turn inside out and possible pull the lining away from the suede surface. Do this on a tabletop with absorbent towel place beneath the jacket to absorb excess.

    Step2. Use leatherBrush1™ brush dried surface soil and vacuum off.

    Step3. Use leather-pH-balanced 4.5, super heavy-duty preconditioner, ultraCleaner4.5™ spray onto stain areas and agitate with leatherBrush1™. Specialty stains remover is available for matching stains namely: ink7.7™, tarnish1.3™, protein11.0™, blood9.9™, tannin3.5™, superRemover4.6™,

    Step2. Let dwell 5 to 15 minutes before extraction with absorbent towel.

    Step3. Use leather-pH-balanced 3.8 cleaner, cleaner3.8™ spray a section at a time and agitate with the same brush. If an upholstery extraction tool is available for a rinse extraction using distilled water would be preferred. Otherwise spray with distilled water and extract with a wet vacuum using an upholstery tool. The final rinse is using leather-pH-balance 3.0 rinse, rinse3.0™ spray and extract with either machine and final dry wipe with absorbent towel. Alternatively where machines for rinse extraction are not available use wool-pH-balanced 5.5 cleaner, shearling5.5™ for cleaning and sanitizing with leatherBrush1™. Use wool-pH-balanced 4.0 rinse, rinse4.0™spray and extract thoroughly with absorbent towel.

    Step4. Hang out for a quick dry or indoor with fans blowing until complete dry and inspect. Repeat cleaning where necessary.

    Step5. When dry to satisfaction apply leatherScent’B™ by spray to lubricate the fabric to reduce wear and abrasion, so as to prolong the already delicate fabric further.

    Welcome further clarifications if any!

    Roger Koh
    Leather Doctor® System
    [email protected]

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