A few years ago I left my sun roof open and my Honda's seat leather was damaged. There was a piece of paper on the seat that got soaked and it stayed wet on the seat for more than a day. Pic attached.

I ordered the water damage and stiffness restoration kit here: https://leatherdoctor.com/auto-leath...on-kit-at5-ws/

I think I've followed the directions. I didn't have much acidifier because most of it spilled in shipping (it was graciously replaced and was in the mail when I started), but I had enough for one spray application after using the cleaner. I sprayed on the acidifier and then wiped it off and the towel was clean, so I proceeded to the hydrator.

Its now nearing 72 hours with the hydrator applied via wetted towels under plastic wrap. I'm nearly out of product and the rain damaged hard spots appear unchanged and still hard. Did I do something wrong? What should I do next?


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