Working mainly with Ekornes furniture, which means semi-aniline leathers 99.9% of the time.

Age typically 10-25 years old, so LOTS of accumulating soiling and off-the-shelf conditioners. Nasty mix. Usually takes an hour to two hours to sufficiently clean a single Ekornes recliner -- which is way too long, in my opinion. Using mainly Colourlock Strong Leather Cleaner and a big horsehair brush. I had a bit of your Leather Doctor Cleaner 3.8 but it was a very small size and it didn't last very long. It seemed to work well.

I've had a few instances of having to clean off hair/head grease that was literally caked onto the headrest area ... took quite a bit of elbow grease with a horsehair brush and both Colourlock and Cleaner 3.8 to clean off a caked-on layer of grease ... just looking for a way to minimize the manual labor of me moving a horsehair brush back/forth and maximize the emulsification/chemical cleaning action of the cleaner.

Looking to purchase more cleaner, but I saw there are many options you have!

  • Cleaner 3.8
  • Cleaner 1.5
  • Strong Cleaner 4.3
  • Super Cleaner 4.9

I just want to know, which would be the best/fastest for a semi-aniline furniture leather that's typically 10-25 years old, with lots of accumulating soiling/grease/old conditioners ... I definitely lean toward the "Super Cleaner 4.9" but I'm just afraid of accidentally damaging the leather by going with TOO strong of a cleaner ... I'm typically pretty rough and fast with the horsehair brush and the current cleaner I use ... which hasn't caused much damage except in a few instances where the leather was already weakened.