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Thread: Vintage Shearling Suede Coat Split Repair.

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    Default Vintage Shearling Suede Coat Split Repair.

    Earlier today, I had the opportunity to discuss my vintage shearling coat with you over the phone.

    The coat has developed a minor split in a weak spot near the shoulder area, and I am considering purchasing your suede repair kit to address this issue myself.

    Before making my purchase, I would like to know if your products are suitable for a do-it-yourself repair of this nature.

    To better illustrate the problem area, I have attached a few photographs with this email.

    Thank you very much for taking the time to review my inquiry. I am eager to hear your expert advice on the matter.

    Best regards,

    Farooq Muhammad

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    >>> My vintage shearling suede coat has developed a minor split in a weak spot near the shoulder area. Nothing is missing in the split. I put my finger inside to see what was happening, and I caused the split. How to repair the coat?

    This is a copy-and-paste repair tip from this Shearling Suede Rip Repair and Care Kit SS7
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    3: When to begin the Repair?

    Suede rips and tears repair begins after cleaning, conditioning, and exfoliating to reveal a cleaner and stronger surface.

    7: How to Repair Suede Rips and Tears?

    7. 1: Suede rips and tears repairs are done with Glue 3D, a new adhesive bond that dries translucent through the repairs, smooth and strong, and the techniques deployed as follows:

    7. 2: Product and Tools: Leather Glue or Bond 3D and a choice of tool used to apply the glue should be smaller than the size of the split for better control, such as the tip of a teaspoon, bamboo skewers flattened at the tip, or ice-cream stick reduced in size to fit. Cotton bud for removing the excess.

    7. 3: Split Fit Test: A split fit test ensures no missing bits when the edges are pulled or pushed closed to fit, otherwise donor bits have to be made ready in place.

    7. 4: Split Glue Application: Glue 3D is transferred to the tip of the tool of choice and spread thinly onto the open-split, any excess is removed with a cotton bud.

    7. 5: Split Close-Up: Closing up of the split and alignment adjustment is done with a clean tool with good contact and also lastly to smooth out the edges before leaving to dry.

    For further reading from Kit SS7

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    Roger Koh
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    Consultant / Practitioner / Instructor / Coach
    email: [email protected],
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