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    Hi there! I have a cowhide rug that has endured water damage and it now has severe buckling! The rug is not dried out, there is no curling or cracking, just major buckling. I have moved my furniture and tried to press it out flat but nothing I have tried works. I have read that ironing with a damp towel might work but I am nervous to try. Any advice? Is this beyond repair?
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    In cowhide water damage, depending on the pH value of the contaminated water, and if it is above the pH of seven, the leather fatliquor (fat and oil) content leaches out resulting in this severe buckling. The higher the pH value, the greater the hide denature, it will require a very low pH value product system to pH balanced the hide to 3 to 5, that is the pH neutral for all leathers and suede.

    To restore the cowhide rug to lay flat, the suede side will need to be cleaned and pH balanced before hydrating to relax flat, then leached out fat and oil need to be replenished.

    You will need Leather Pro Cleaner 1.5

    and Leather Acidifier 2.0

    to be added to Hair-on-Hide Zebra and Cow Rejuvenating and Care Kit H4 Plus
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    Read through these links and we discuss further from there.

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