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Thread: Chanel Lambskin Bag Second Hand Painted over Original color.

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    Default Chanel Lambskin Bag Second Hand Painted over Original color.

    Dear Roger,

    I found your page online through a bag restoration forum.

    I read a lot of post from you, and it is very clear that you are the man to talk to as you have extensive knowledge on restoration.

    I went to your website, and I saw what you recommended.

    Would love to send you some photos and see what you recommend I should buy to restore.

    I have attached the photos below. I bought this bag recently.

    Its authentic channel second hand.

    The condition is not very good.

    The leather is very cracked, dry, and whoever was the previous owner has painted over the original color with white paint.

    Itís lamb skin leather.

    Let me know what products you could recommend for me.

    Iím trying to strip the paint and bring back the original color, or if thatís not achievable make the leather look more refreshed and less cracked.

    There are a few spots in which you can see the original color on the lamb skin.

    Thank you for your time and help,


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    >>> I’m trying to strip the paint and bring back the original color, or if that’s not achievable make the leather look more refreshed and less cracked.

    Yes, I agree that the paint has to be stripped, it would be better without this painting. We need to know what is beneath this paint, and whether it could be restored to its original finishes.

    To strip the unwanted painting we would require these products and tools as option 1 and option 2

    Option 1
    Hydrator 3.3 and Fatliquor 5.0 with Razor 60.

    Option 2
    Stripper 2.3 with Eraser 4 and Strip Brush 9

    Here are the links to the mentioned products and tools.

    * Hydrator 3.3

    * Fatliquor 5.0

    * Stripper 2.3

    * Razor 60

    * Eraser-4

    * Strip Brush 9

    Why Option 1: Hydrator 3.3, and Fatliquor 5.0 with Razor 60?

    Fatliquor is the lifeblood of leather! So might as well take the fullest advantage of a combination of shaving off unwanted finishes and fatliquoring at the same time.

    What is Fatliquoring?

    Fatliquoring is introducing the original fat and oil that diminishes as the leather ages or is exposed to alcohol products that dry, or alkalinity that causes the fat and oil to leach out.

    How Fatliquoring on Leather Works?

    Fatliquoring is a combination of hydrating the leather with Hydrator 3.3 followed by reconditioning or replenishing the dry leather with ionic negative (-ve) charged Fatliquor 5.0.

    Why Shave after Fatliquoring?

    When the leather structure is hydrated with fatliquor, it becomes stretchable with increased tensile strength against the more brittle unwanted finishes that may shrivel or break up when stretched, for easier and safer shaving.

    What are the Pros of Option 1?

    The pros of option 1 are multi-tasking, as fatliquoring with any other method still needs to follow through to recondition the leather for softness and strength when dry. Hydrator 3.3 remains the product used for rinsing and cleaning up, ready for the next process refinishing process. Too simple to be true!

    What are the Cons of Option 1?

    The cons of option 1 is the danger of cutting into leather with this sharp blade if not paying attention to the angle of shaving. It cannot be forced through where finishes are still strong. That might require the Stripper 2.3 system to do its work by dissolving it.

    Here is an example of using Razor 60

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    Why Option 2: Stripper 2.3 with Eraser 4 and Strip Brush 9?

    Unlike strengthening the leather before shaving off unwanted finishes. Stripper 2.3 dissolves the unwanted finishes to be erased or stripped off very common practice in refinishing leather.

    What are the Pros of Option 2?

    The pros of option 2 are what option 1 cannot achieve which is by chemical dissolving rather than by physical shaving off.

    What are the Cons of Option 2?

    Any product that dissolves leather finishes will also dry the leather at the same time, thus at the end of the deglazing or stripping process the leather becomes drier and stiffer than before, and when stressed will easily crack. However, Stripper 2.3 is a hydrocarbon that has a pH value of 2.3 to control the side effects like bleeding or tackiness of the leather from fugitive tanning agents.

    How to Solve Dried and Stiff Leather from Cracking with Option 2?

    Fatliquoring follows immediately without delay with Hydrator 3.3 and Fatliquor 5.0 before leaving the leather to natural drying.

    Here is an example of using Eraser 4

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    Alright, do you have any questions?

    It sounds too technical but when you follow the instructions the result will be quite the same as we are using the same system.

    If this is your first attempt, you might want to send your bag to me instead. With confidence in the result it can achieve you may want to do it yourself for other future projects.

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    Roger Koh
    Leather Care System Formulator
    Consultant / Practitioner / Instructor / Coach
    email: [email protected],
    email: [email protected]
    phone: 604 773 1878

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