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Thread: Louis Vuitton Alma PM Monogram.

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    Default Louis Vuitton Alma PM Monogram.

    Louis Vuitton Alma PM Monogram.

    Did you happen to see the photos in my previous email of the second bag?

    I am hoping this kit will restore that one as well.

    This is the other bag.

    Will that same kit clean this one too?

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    >>> Will that same kit clean this one too?

    Yes, this same Kit V4 cleans this bag too.
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    Picture #5 handle may have some dark soiling you want to use the Degreaser 2.2 with the leather eraser. All the stitching threads too.

    Picture #2 looks like there is some old product residue you may want to strip off as well.

    Remember the health and integrity of this Vahetta leather depends on Fatliquor 5.0. "Fatliquor is the Lifeblood of Leather". Insufficient fatliquor the leather become stiff and crack!

    What products have you been using on this bag, the leather has a 'sunburn' effect?

    Do not use any products that have a pH value above 7. This Vachetta leather has a lower pH value than the average 3 to 5. To correct alkaline overexposure use Acidifier 2.0. Anyway, all Leather Doctor product suffix name number represent its pH value. So Acidifier 2.0 pH value is 2.0 accordingly. Remember, never allow the leather to dry without sufficient fatliquor content. The average leather fatliquor content is about 14%, and Vachetta leather is more fatliquor thirsty than any other leather.

    Recommend that you do a test process maybe the handle attachment to compare the before and after results.

    Try taking pictures of the steps you go through so we will know where it has gone wrong.

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    Roger Koh
    Leather Care System Formulator
    Consultant / Practitioner / Instructor / Coach
    email: [email protected],
    phone / WhatsApp: 604 773 1878

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