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Thread: Alligator Bag with Chocolate Stain.

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    Default Alligator Bag with Chocolate Stain.

    Hope all is well.

    I saw your wonderful answers to everyone’s questions.

    I recently got a mat light alligator bag I had noooo idea this bag was sooooo delicate 😞😞😞

    I took it out last night for the first time and I panicked as I saw a tiny bit of chocolate on the bag and whipped it off with a damp cloth - it still shows a stain 😭 do I need to take it in for a cleaning immediately at the store (it has lifetime spa service) but it takes forever to get the bag back like 3-4 months or can I just wear it like it is and take it in later as damage is done it doesn’t matter much at this point?

    & would you be able to tell me if there is something I can do to not upset it more 😭😭😭 thanks a million times for sharing your knowledge?


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    If the stain is chocolate any slight delay would not make much difference as compared with a dye stain like ballpoint ink.

    It also depends on the finishing, for example, a "patent" finish with a thick gloss topcoat, tends to pull the stain in, so the stain is no more on the surface but becomes part of the finishing below the surface. This phenomenon is typically associated with the nasty ballpoint ink.

    You can do it yourself if you have the prescribed products. And this is the route to take for general cleaning. This general restorative cleaning will also remove the heavy soiling seen on the stitching treads

    Restorative Cleaning System:

    Use Prep-4.4 followed by Cleaner-3.8 to remove sticky residue and Rinse-3.0 to remove all suspended residues.

    Products mentioned are found in this Aniline Leather Care Kit A3
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    Chocolate Stain Removal System:

    If the dye stain persists then it could have migrated below the surface. The last resort is to use Dye Cleaner-7.9, followed by Acidifier-2.0 to pH balance and rinse off.

    The products mentioned are found in this
    Leather Aniline Ink and Dye Remover - Kit-A7.di
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    The alternative is to send the bag to me and I will do a 'free' test to see the result before you buy the products or engage in our services.

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    Roger Koh
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