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Thread: Acura MDX - Leather Seats Rain Damage Stiff and Rough!

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    Default Acura MDX - Leather Seats Rain Damage Stiff and Rough!

    Please see the attached picture.

    The seats were damaged from excessive rainwater damage from an open sunroof.

    The damaged parts are very stiff and rough to the touch.

    Do you think this damage is repairable?

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    >>> Do you think this damage is repairable?

    The stiff leather can be softened up with hydration and fatliquor reconditioning into the leather structure with Hydrator-3.3, Fatliquor-5.0, and Hydrator-3.3 systems.

    The rough to the touch is the leather coatings that have shriveled, wrinkled, and contracted from the leather structure shrinkage. This damaged rough color coating is often quite easily removed with a round leather razor to the smooth leather crust while doing the hydration and fatliquor reconditioning as an option.

    Coating damages will need refinishing, as an option when the leather dimension and suppleness are satisfied.

    Read this recommended: Auto Leather Water Damaged Stiffness Restoration Kit as the first phase.
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    Optional tool:

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