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Thread: Hermes Leather Finishes Cloudy Problem!

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    Default Hermes Leather Finishes Cloudy Problem!

    Hi Roger,

    I actually have another question for you, I’m wondering if you know anything about Hermes leather?

    I have this vintage one that I tried conditioning.

    It looked great right after, but then these weird water-stain-like patches started popping up.

    I use Chemical Guy's conditioner.

    I’m pretty sure they weren’t there when I first received the bag.

    When I condition it again they all go away, then a few days later they gradually come back, I think they are even getting bigger.

    There is no physical damage, just the color is weird.

    Please help me, thank you so much!
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    These weird water-stain-like patches started popping up is the topcoat side effect problem.

    It is this clear topcoat that seals the color pigment that is unstabilized most likely caused by an alkaline cleaning solution.

    The leather finishing industry has changed topcoats from solvent-based to water-based to be more environmentally friendly.

    Thus the newly developed water-based topcoat is more pH sensitive and starts deteriorating which begins with the blotchy cloudy effect. In extreme cases, a tacky feeling will develop and the topcoat will need refinishing with a crosslinker like Leather Crosslinker-25 with MicroTop-54G.

    Meanwhile, the alkaline overexposure cloudy and blotchy appearance may be pH balanced with Acidifier-2.0.

    Remember that leather has a pH value of 3 to 5 and is an amphoteric protein material too, that any alkalinity solution is going to result in side effects.

    Check out the pH value of the products you used may be the cause of this cloudy-blotchy topcoat phenomenon. And the alkalinity residue remaining behind will need to be removed and pH balanced with Acidifier-2.0 (pH value 2.0).

    Remember, that any cleaning residue not rinsed off the leather continues to work in the presence of moisture in the atmosphere. Overworking of alkaline cleaning residue will result in side effects such as topcoat blotchiness and tackiness.

    When these weird water-stain-like patches start to become tacky or sticky, they will need a topcoat refinishing.

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