As directed here are several pictures of the blanket in question.
Hello, I'm a leatherworker in the US, and have an interesting restoration project on my table.

A client has submitted a queen sized hair on hide blanket that has ripped seams in several places. There are several sections that are creased, some worn thin, a couple of small tears (separate from the ripped seams) and much of it feels dry. However, the leather has NOT perished, as I have tested that, and it still retains strength, and integrity. But, I don't think re-stitching, and handing it back to the client as is would be viable. I think that it would simply tear in new places, and the work would be undone.

I did try oiling/restoring a few small patches prior to my discovery of your site, and products. But, stopped as soon as I found some of your documentation.

I'm reaching out today to see what kit you would recommend for the restoration of this article. And should I be concerned with the sections that I have tried oiling already, or if you have any recommendations for those sections, or would your cleaners, and cleaning protocols suffice?

Any insight, help, tips, and tricks would be appreciated. I do plan on ordering a kit, I suspect it would be one of the larger kits, but I am open to suggestions.

Attached are pictures below showing the lions share of the damage.

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