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Thread: Skunk odor on nubuck

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    Default Skunk odor on nubuck

    Roger, we have a nubuck sectional that a dog rubbed on that was sprayed by a skunk. What do you recommend to clean a deodorize.

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    Good if you also show some pictures!

    >>> How would you recommend to clean skunk odor from nubuck leather?

    Remember that Nubuck leather is a pH-sensitive (amphoteric) material. And the three main side effects are dye bleeding from the dyestuff, tackiness from the tanning agent, and stiffness when dry from the fatliquor (fat and oil) moisture content.

    Products proofs effective on other materials may destroy the nubuck, so we need to be careful about the pH value of product that we use.

    What composition of the shrunk spray are we trying to remove systematically?

    First, I believe most of the smell is from oily substances known as musk. I would pick Leather Degreaser-2.2 as the first sequence of action, which has degreasing abilities plus it is safe on the absorbent Nubuck with a pH value of 2.2.

    Second, is the rinsing off the suspended residue with Leather Rinse-3.0, which is leather-safe with a pH value of 3.0.

    Both the first and the second procedure steps of extraction are performed with a cotton terry towel and vacuum suck off the nubuck avoiding pushing in and spreading out of the affected areas, that is minimizing and containing the spreading. If all the oily substances are emulsified and removed, most of the smell is removed too, so these two steps are the primary smell or odor removal process.

    How to Deodorize Shunk Smell?

    The third step is to neutralize the remaining residue with Leather Urine Killer-2.1. This product has an awful sour odor too that displaces the skunk smell, but when it dries the smell will also dissipate, hopefully with the shrunk smell too. Repeat as necessary and when satisfied moves to step-4.

    The fourth step is to further rinse off with Leather Rinse-3.0 to bring up the pH closer to the pH neutral of the leather.

    Inspection of our nose (olfactory organ) will determine a repeat of the above 4 steps or continue to recondition the leather of what has been also removed especially the fatliquor which the Degreaser-2.2 will also remove some of it.

    How to Recondition Nubuck from Dryness?

    Recondition is the fifth step and will need Hydrator-3.3 and Fatliquor-5.0 systems to restore the nubuck to the tannery standard of about 14% of fat and oil content, to return the nubuck to its healthy softness and strength. Any rings are worked out with this system, especially with Hydrator-3.3 without any dry edges. The entire panel needs to be worked out with this system to ensure an even appearance, as fatliquor will intensify and magnifies the richness of color, especially if the nubuck has sign of sun fading.

    How to Protect Nubuck?

    The final step is with Leather Scent Protector-S+ to impart a non-stick silky surface and a classic leather scent to charm.

    By the way, I will be moving back to Vancouver, Canada soon to serve you better with shipping.

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