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Thread: Howdy from Texas!

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    Red face Howdy from Texas!

    Hello all! I recently, and accidentally, won an auction for a vintage Celine tote bag. It was a live online auction and the auctioneer did not show the flaws on the bag. If he had, I wouldn’t have bid on it because I have never really owned a luxury leather bag and I didn’t know how to protect one…so I certainly had no idea how restore or repair one.
    Since receiving the bag, I have been watching tutorials on cleaning and conditioning leather bags and researching repairs. That’s how I found this forum! It looks like an amazing and exciting library of information.

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    Dear MagicWand,

    You are welcome to this forum.

    Ask as many questions as you wish to educate yourself in this very confusing world of leather care.

    It has to be based on science and logic, and if the theory does not sound right, the practice can be very disastrous as you can see from others many mistakes.

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