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Thread: Chanel bag repair

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    Default Chanel bag repair

    Hello Roger,

    Thank you for your email reply! I came across your website through a Google search. I live in Canada. Please find attached pictures of the side of my white Chanel wallet on chain that i'm trying to figure out how best to repair

    Thanks so much,
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    >>> the side of my white Chanel wallet on chain that i'm trying to figure out how best to repair

    So, am I right to guess that the constant rubbing of the chain against the edge causes the coloring to wear off?

    There are two solutions to this issue, first is protection, and the other is repairs.

    The protection I am talking about is 'rub-resistant' protection with Leather Scent Protector-B+ or the scentless Protector-B performed after a routine cleaning.

    The repair will require a color matching with Leather Micro 54 system (white with Ochre for tint).
    The rough surface will need to be smooth with Leather Adhesor-73.
    Then sealed with Leather Micro Top-54 to match the existing luster level.
    To increase the toughness of the topcoat a 10% Leather Crosslinker-25 is added to the topcoat.

    Preparation cleaning prior to Leather Micro 54 system will require degreasing with Degreaser-2.2 followed by Rinse-3.0 thereafter hydrate with Hydrator-3.3 and condition with Fatliquor-5.0.

    The product system for refinishing is found in this
    Semi-Aniline Leather Color Refinishing Kit
    You may need extra color other than white, you need ochre to shade the standard white to match your bag color.
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    You have two choices, do all I recommend with Kit, or let me do the repair for you when I am back in Vancouver, Canada.

    Meanwhile, you want to do a 100% restorative cleanup of the worn parts and also the soiling stitching threads from deteriorating or fraying with this leather-safe Aniline Leather Care Kit-A3. If the darkening thread is mainly from body oil and grease, probably you will need Degreaser-2.2.
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    Let me know your preference.

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