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Thread: Weird Black Spot On Keepall Vachetta…. LEATHER ROT? Help Please

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    Default Weird Black Spot On Keepall Vachetta…. LEATHER ROT? Help Please

    Hi I just purchased a pre loved Keepall and there are black spots on the vachetta in 3 places. After a little research on google I’m wondering if this is leather rot? If so can I fix it? What should I expect in the future? Will it get worse? Eventually break? Name:  80A5A2F7-F2BC-43F7-BD98-42153B0A93EA.jpg
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    >>> I’m wondering if this is leather rot?
    This looks like the leather is charred by possible alkaline overexposure that already shows crackings (some alkaline solution may have contacted those places that cause overdrying with crackings).

    >>> If so can I fix it?
    When leather cracks, it's the collective fiber-like strings that break, and there is no way to join back. The dryness of the leather of its fatliquor (fat and oil) can be overall replenished.

    >>> What should I expect in the future?
    The health of the leather depends on the fatliquor moisture content and will need periodic replenishing to keep the leather supple. The cracks will get worse and eventually breaks or tear.

    >>> Will it get worse?
    Without replenishing the fatliquor up to 15% and as the fatliquor continues to evaporate the leather tensile strength will get worse with stiffness and crack lines will develop when flexed.

    >>> Eventually break?

    When leather is fully saturated with fatliquor, perhaps it may take up to 2000 lbs per square inch strength. Some industrial leather belts may have strength above 5000psi. Fatliquor content of leather can be measured with a leather moisture meter and is one that contributes to the strength of leather besides the thickness.

    Let me know if you like to have some tips to maintain the general strength and appearance of the leather.

    Roger Koh
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