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    Default Shoulder Bag revival

    Hi guys,
    Firstly, I'm new here so greetings to all and please go easy... I'm a beginner in this field!
    I recently picked up a leather shoulder bag for 15 and really want to bring it back to life. There is a round ring (hot cup or maybe where a sticker was) which I would also like to get rid of.
    Any advice most welcome!
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    >>> There is a round ring (hot cup or maybe where a sticker was) which I would also like to get rid of.

    The round ring is more likely a sticker that has blocked all the UV and alkaline overexposure that results in the darkening discoloration.

    To reduce the darkening effect back to the lighter circle ring would need a redox (reduction-oxidation) reaction with Vachetta-2.8.

    Here is the description of Vachetta leather

    Vachetta Bag Care Kit
    Vachetta leather derives its popular brownish range of color from the tannin found in vegetable matter such as tree bark. Its exact shade depends on the mix of the tanning agent and the color of the skin. It is popularly made into luggage including trimmings of Louis Vuitton handbags. This leather is left unfinished or naked; therefore, it is susceptible to body oil, grease, sweat, water, and other liquid stains. It is more pH-sensitive than most leather types thus the common sweat and cleaning products' alkaline overexposure darkens and denatures the leather and eventually cracks when flexed. Sunlight will cause the natural leather to darken in shade or suntanned, just like our skin; unlike aniline dyes that fade.

    Here is the leather problem-solving matrix for vachetta leather.
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    Here is the recommended Leather Vachetta Browning Remover Kit-V3 for further readings . .
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    Here is the link

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    Roger Koh
    Leather, Skin, Hair, Eye & Acne Care System Formulator
    Consultant / Practitioner / Instructor / Coach
    email: [email protected]
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    Thank you so much for your comprehensive reply.
    I have two bags that need treating so will be buying the kit that you suggested.

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