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    Default Repairable?

    I have an American Leather recliner that works very well, but ONE ARM is experiencing some wear. I'd like to try to fix this before it gets too bad, but maybe I'm past that. Nowhere does the wear go completely through, so that gives me some hope. It almost seems like a "peeling" is occurring. There's also some veining/cracking beginning to come through.

    While I'm an experienced craftsman (woodworking) I currently have ZERO skills or experience with leather.

    Any direction would be most helpful and appreciated.

    Thanks for taking the time to read and suggest.

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    >>> Any direction would be most helpful and appreciated.

    It looks like these peeling layers were add-on (perhaps for color matching).

    Yes, it is repairable with a new matching color coating system.

    A more durable coating system would also include a "primer" for better anchorage or bonding and a rub resistance protector to give the surface a buttery-soft-smooth protection against friction rubs.

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