I bought my dressage saddle in August of 2020. I have noticed two problems with it...
1.) the leather seems to have worn (for lack of a better term) down the grain. spots that had grain before are now smooth. this is something I would expect on an older saddle, I am just surprised to see it on a 7-month-old saddle.
2.) several places on the saddle seem to have discolored. it was originally a deep black and in these spots, it now appears to be a brown color. I wipe down my saddle with a clean cloth every time that I use it (approx 4 times a week). I TRY to clean it about every two weeks and I condition it when I clean it. My saddle is kept in a climate-controlled tack room and when it is not on my horse, it is kept on a saddle rack with a fleece-lined, waterproof cover on it. I did contact the manufacturer regarding this problem and was told that it was "dirt and grime" that has been ground into the saddle and the brown that I see is actually the said dirt. It was suggested that I use some black saddle soap (can't say that I am familiar with this product) on it. I explained that I didn't really feel comfortable using any sort of dye-type product on the saddle myself and was asked if they could send me some products to use on it. I agreed, but I'm not sure exactly what they are sending me and I am definitely not sure that I am going to be using them!

I snapped some pictures of the discoloration and will attach them for better reference.

Does this all sound right to you guys? or do you think that they are just blowing me off? because that is what it seems like to me! any insight would be greatly appreciated!!

PS This company advertises this saddle as having:
"Soft grain Buffalo and cowhide are specially treated to assist with seat and leg security"

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