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    Hi Roger,

    I've been checking and I can not find one leather cleaning or renovation specialist in my City possibly even in the country. There are only dry cleaners for garments or cleaning companies who will not treat the leather properly.

    What sort of training is needed to become a specialist, in your opinion? Would it be possible to operate a mobile business or is a workshop necessary for spraying, etc.

    I used to renovate car leather only, but lost faith in the products I used as they were not "fast" to the surface. They wore away so I don't really offer the service anymore. How well would your colours last on a car seat that is used everyday?



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    A specialist in my opinion means that one will only provide leather related services both cleaning and restoration including repairs and refinishing in all segment of the leather industry.

    The leather service industry could be segmented as Auto, Commercial, Residential, Yacht, Aircraft, Garment, Bag, Equestrian and other leather Accessories.

    Knowing what product is available and its application is part of the training search.

    One has to stick to a system that one is most comfortable with – they are called it “matched product system”.

    This forum is a no nonsense technical forum.

    This shall be our technical backup for our entire hiccup.

    It is also for technical trouble shooting when things go wrong, where we miss a step.

    Post a picture, ask a question.

    In leather cleaning and restoration there is no short cut.

    We are both a technician, an artist and triple as a salesman.

    We will learn the wisdom of triple caution for every single action.

    It is easy just to spray but it is 7 times more difficult to remove them.

    If it is a wrong spray it may be 7 x 7 times more laborious to rectify them.

    I was alone in the past; tips were like trade secret; we do not have a forum like this to share our tips willingly, it has to be bought with a price.

    The samples I have come in a five gallon drums too, “take it or leave it”.

    Five samples so five drums, not suitable… what next... always waiting for heavy continuous downpour… for a good ratio mix. (In a far away country, here people called it the Far East).

    I have countless failure in my attempt to succeed in a project until now – the Leather Doctor® System.

    By hindsight I wish I could have done it differently now with Leather Doctor® System.

    I thought I was the best, my customer pay me well and we were happy and oblivious too.

    We thought that these were norms, until now.

    The various products I used in the past were thick like plastic, they crack when flex, peels with poor adhesion, the solvent makes you "high", the cloudiness when moisture were trap between the tip of the nozzle and the object of spray using solvent topcoats.

    What more, the repair like putting putty or stucco on a crack will just crack again too soon, unless they are put in museum for display only “see no touch”.

    Well, the repair by heat iron, I never knew that heat could dry up the fatliquor; the supplier did not say that.

    Using heat that shrink the leather on every repair, kills the leather without replenishing the original fatliquor that provides softness and strength.

    Any more, yes of course color that fades too easily; they are not high performance against UV.

    Well again every color mix before application need to be tediously filtered otherwise micro color lumps will be spew out of the spray gun.

    Colors that stick on leather will peel on vinyl panels.

    And colors that sticks on vinyl looks vinyl on leather.

    Final result all feel and smell like vinyl.

    With Leather Doctor® System, these are things of the past.

    This system is 75% delivered 25% for us to mess it up and it will fail too!

    The next training is to practice on them.

    Until you make enough mistake during the practice.

    You will have no mistake to sell to your customer.

    Your customer will become your client and your cheer leaders too by and by.

    That why we don’t see many of these people around in every City or even in every Country yet!

    Auto or Car Seat System – Relevant Products and understanding them is part of the training in theory too!

    Its real until you practice on them.





    Super Cleaner-4.9
    Strong Cleaner-4.3



    Fatliquor LS-5.5

    Leather Scent-B
    Leather Scent-D
    Leather Scent-S
    Leather Scent-W




    TopCoat Pigmeny-56


    Do you think seriously that with Leather Doctor® System the color will wear away easily?

    Maybe I may have to answer in more details for better satisfaction in the next post.

    Roger Koh
    [email protected]
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    Hello Roger,

    Your above detailed explanation to Brian is great !! Thank you for educating us !!

    As requested in my previous message, do you have any leather workshop for actual trial ? I'm interested to join as I also have plans of setting my own Leather bag cleaning shop in the next few months.

    Do you also have any Asian branch that distributes your porducts ?

    Do you also have an Asian office where you conduct the actual cleaning, restoring leathers ? I'm sorry for sounding like a broken record. I am just very, very curious.. ^_^


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    Do you have any leather workshop for actual trial?

    No! However, private hands-on training is available.

    Do you also have any Asian branch that distributes your products?


    Do you also have an Asian office where you conduct the actual cleaning, restoring leathers?


    The training is based on these Kits:

    Leather Cleaner & Conditioner Training Kit-CC7


    1-A Cleaner, Rejuvenator & Tool
    Cleaner-3.8 - 250ml
    Rinse-3.0 - 250ml
    Hydrator-3.3 - 250ml
    Fatliquor-5.0 - 250ml
    Degreaser-2.2 - 60ml
    Prep-7.7 - 60ml
    Prep-4.4 - 60ml
    Leather/Nubuck Eraser-4 - 1pc
    Nubuck/Suede Eraser-5 - 1pc
    Leather Brush-1 (horsehair) - 1pc
    Nubuck Brush-2 (nylon) - 1pc
    Suede Brush-3 (brass) - 1pc
    3" Poly-Brush® - 1pc
    Washable Rags - 5pc

    1-B Conditioner
    Oil Effect-2.8 - 250ml
    Wax Effect-8.6 - 250ml
    Leather Scent-B (buttery-feel) - 120ml
    Leather Scent-D (draggy-feel) - 120ml
    Leather Scent-S (silky-feel) - 120ml
    Leather Scent-W (waxy-feel) - 120ml

    1-C Hair-On-Hide, Sheepskin, Feather, Fur - Cleaner & Conditioner
    Wool Degreaser-5.6 - 120ml
    Wool Cleaner-5.5 - 250ml
    Wool Rinse-4.0 - 250ml
    Fur & Hair-S - 120ml
    MothProof-5.4 - 120ml

    Leather Specialty Cleaner & Remover Training Kit-SC7


    2-A Specialty Cleaner
    Acidifier-2.0 - 250ml
    Basifier-8.8 - 250ml
    d’Bacteria-3.7 - 250ml
    d’Mold-3.6 - 250ml
    d’Odor-4.5 - 250ml
    d’Smoke-4.7 - 250ml
    Sanitizer-3.9 - 250ml

    2-B Specialty Remover
    Bleach-10.3 – 30gm
    d’Protein-11.0 - 250ml
    d’Urine-2.1 - 250ml
    d’Spew-4.8 - 60ml
    d’Tannin-3.5 - 60ml
    d’Tarnish-1.3 - 60ml
    d’Yellow-6.7 - 40gm

    Leather Repair & Refinishing Training Kit-RR7


    3-A Repair
    Impregnator-26 - 60ml
    Leather Bond-3D - 7ml
    Leather Bond-7A – 7ml
    Leather Stucco-90 - 5gm
    Leather Patch-4S (1 x 4” strip) - 1pc
    Leather Spatula-6 (stainless steel) - 1pc
    Leather Razor-60 (60mm Ř) - 1pc

    3-B Auxiliary
    Adhesor-73 - 60ml
    Crosslinker-25 - 60ml
    Thickener-48 - 60ml

    3-C.1 Aniline System
    Aniline Dye-21 (Black 115) - 60ml
    Color Fix-99 (Natural) - 60ml
    Topcoat Aniline-59WM (Waxy Matte) - 60ml
    Topcoat Aniline-79G (Gloss) - 60ml

    3-C.2 Pigment System
    Pigment-64 (Black 612) - 60ml
    Topcoat Pigment-56S (Satin) - 60ml

    3-C.3 Micro-Pigment / Semi-Aniline System
    Pigment Micro-54 (Black 512) - 60ml
    Topcoat Micro-72S (Satin) - 60ml

    3-C.4 NC Emulsion Napa Pigment System
    Pigment Napa-84 (Black 412) - 60ml
    Topcoat Napa-78S (Satin) - 60ml

    3-C.5 Nubuck / Suede System
    Nubuck Dye-21 (Black 115) - 60ml
    Color Fix-99 (Natural) - 60ml

    3-C.6 Secondary Color System
    Antique-27 (Black 715) - 60ml
    Fluorescent-96 (Silver F23) - 60ml
    Metallic-98 (Gold M20) - 60ml
    Pearlescent-97 (Pearl P67) - 60ml

    Leather Color Matching Training Kit-CM7


    4-A. Opaque Pigment Color Matching
    Pigment Micro-54 (Tan 586) 60ml
    Pigment Micro-54 (Ochre 586) 60ml
    Pigment Micro-54 (Yellow 586) 60ml
    Pigment Micro-54 (Orange 586) 60ml
    Pigment Micro-54 (Red 586) 60ml
    Pigment Micro-54 (Blue 586) 60ml
    Pigment Micro-54 (Maroon 502) 60ml
    Pigment Micro-54 (Black 512) 60ml
    Pigment Micro-54 (White 505) 60ml

    4-B. Transparent Aniline Color Matching
    Aniline Dye-21 (Black 115) 60ml
    Aniline Dye-21 (Clear 177) 60ml
    Aniline Dye-21 (Orange 157) 60ml
    Aniline Dye-21 (Red 180) 60ml
    Aniline Dye-21 (Rubine 113) 60ml
    Aniline Dye-21 (Blue 119) 60ml
    Aniline Dye-21 (Dark Brown 124) 60ml
    Aniline Dye-21 (Red Brown 159) 60ml
    Aniline Dye-21 (Yellow 128) 60ml

    Roger Koh
    [email protected]
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