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Thread: Sheepskin - Maintenance Cleaning

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    Default Sheepskin - Maintenance Cleaning

    This sheepskin felt draggy or greasy & attracting soil.

    The color was slightly yellowed and the fur was clumped.

    This is the process I followed:

    1. Vacuum loose soil.

    2. Spray on Degreaser-5.6 and comb through with comb type groomer.

    3. Towel off loose soil.

    4. Spray on Cleaner-5.5 and comb through with groomer.

    5. Towel off loose soil.

    6. Spray on hair Rinse-4.0 and comb through with groomer.

    7. Towel off loose soil.

    8. After dry groom with brass brush to fluff.

    The pictures don't do it justice, the actual results were significant.

    #1: Before

    #2: After

    #3: Tools and Products of the Trade

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    Your tools of the trade miss one important piece of equipment:

    The Slicker Brush

    You need to “bloom” the wool as the label instruction say.

    #8: “To groom for a bloom when dry again”.

    See if I can find a picture for you.

    Roger Koh
    Leather Doctor®

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