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Thread: Irvin Sheepskin Jacket Wool Fading

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    Default Irvin Sheepskin Jacket Wool Fading

    Hi I have a Irvin sheepskin jacket that’s was left over the back of a chair and part of the wool has been sun bleached have you anything that can return the colour

    Dear Mike,
    Can you show pictures?

    Hi Roger
    Here’s some photos
    As you can see the sun light has turned one edge a greenish tinge
    I’d really appreciate any suggestions you could offer

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    I would not recommend any dyeing to the wool as there is a possibility that it gets rub off during wear.

    A possible suggestion is to have a good clean and test if there is any rub off from existing non-fading areas.

    If there is a sign of coloring transfer to a white cotton towel then the possibility of totally saturating it with Hydrator-3.3 and redistributing any excess dyestuff to the faded areas may be a possibility.

    Before going into improving the coloring, the initial proper cleaning is the first step.

    Take a look at this Leather Doctor Kit-Sn4

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