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Thread: Cracked leather - Eames chair

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    Default Cracked leather - Eames chair

    Hello, Roger,
    What can I do to restore (as much as possible) cracked leather on the arm of this chair? The chair had hard use for many years, with little or no care. It was then stored in a garage for a couple years. Much of the leather is in pretty good shape, but needs deep cleaning and conditioning. One arm is in very bad shape; leather has deep cracks, but is still intact. What do you recommend?

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    What do you recommend?

    These are the steps recommended:

    1. Restoration Cleaning
    2. pH balancing charging the leather protein fiber ionic positive (+ve) to increase the strength of hydrogen bonding with the ionic negative (-ve) fatliquor.
    3. Replenishing the original fatliquor up to the average 14% when dry.
    4. Leather structure weakness repair with impregnator resin/protein compound.
    5. repairing the cracks with a leather bond to smooth out the cracks.
    6. Optional refinishing system.

    Let me know if you wish to discuss this in further detail.

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