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Thread: Restoring cat-scratched vintage leather chair

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    Default Restoring cat-scratched vintage leather chair

    Hi Roger, Iíve been using your products for years on my Restoration Hardware aniline pull-up wax sofas. I was telling my Mom about them and she asked for advice on what product to use in restoring my Dadís leather recliner. The recliner is 27 years old, pigmented soft leather (Iíd call it a blue green). Neither of us are sure if it is vegetable tanned or other. It has never been conditioned and as you can see there are a few issues - dye fading from light exposure (?) in some places and lots of cat scratches, I imagine it also needs a fair amount of Hydrator. Could you advise how to treat it? The best representation of the color are in the photos of the cat scratches by the leg - a deep blue-green.
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    My Mom says the original color was a deep green - similar to “British racing green” on a car. Closest in the photos is the left hand portion of question four.

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    This is chrome-tanned leathers, If you can see the reverse suede side that it is also green, it means that the leather is aniline dye through. Whether there is a micro-pigment that covers imperfection, we can’t tell. But after a restoration cleaning and hydrating with Hydrator-3.3 and followed with Fatliquor-5.0 before it dries, you will see a great improvement of color coming back. The cat scratch can be repaired with Bond-3D.
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    There are many products that can greatly help in restoring your furniture. For your Dad's leather recliner, I suggest try using Leather Care Kit available that comes with a cleaner, conditioner, and protector. It is designed to restore and protect vintage leather pieces and bring back their original beauty.

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