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Thread: Refurbishing a Sheepskin Jacket - Very dry

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    Default Refurbishing a Sheepskin Jacket - Very dry

    Hi Roger,

    I recently purchased a sheepskin coat. I decided it needed a clean due to the odor so I purchased:

    (order #2010 currently on its way to me)

    Then, in a fit of stupidity and impatience, I decided the put the jacket in the washing machine! The 'vintage' smell was just too much! Higher powers of sheepskin, please forgive me I did use a non biological detergent (Ecover Wool) and put it on a wool wash setting, and dried it flat away from direct heat and used a suede brush + finger massaging + towel brushing intermittently whilst drying so it did not lose shape, stiffen or shrink.

    But of course, the jacket has lost its fats that needs to be restored as seen in the now wrinkly appearance in the photos. It is very dry and looks sad So I thought, now why not revamp the entire jacket totally, and in addition to my above order, I purchased:

    2 x Hydrator-3.3
    2 x Fatliquor-5.0
    1 x Protector-S
    2 x Towel-5
    (order #2013, which I asked you to hold on posting as perhaps I need to add some more products to this order currently on its way to me)

    As far as I understand, the process will be to clean the wool side first: CleanOdor-4.5>CleanWool-5.5>DegreaserWool-5.6>RinseWool-4.0

    Before moving on to the suede side. My plan was just to rehydrate the suede using: Hydrator-3.3>Fatliquor-5.0>Hydrator-3.3>Protector-S

    Whilst it was drying, I was panicking as it still had that sheepy/vintage smell, but now the jacket is totally dry, it smells ok. The wool side smells lovely and floral (so maybe I dont need to use the wool cleaning process product I purchased, but I can still use these on another jacket I have so not gone to waste), and the suede side smells mostly neutral now it has totally dried.

    Do you think a spray of my already purchased CleanOdor-4.5 is needed on the suede side? (Also I just realised the product page for this says to be used in conjunction with CleanProtein-9.9 and Acififier-2.0 - is that essential? Or should I scrap use of CleanOdor-4.5 altogther?)

    Considering it has been through a wash, do I really need to clean the suede side again?

    After washing, I notice some little dark 'spots' on the surface thast were not there before - any idea what this is? And if they will fade fat fatliquoring?

    The nap looks a little 'bobbly' do you think I need to add SuedeEraser-5 to my order on pause?

    Any advice would be very much appreciated!

    Thank you

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    Please consider this kit

    and follow the instruction from there:

    You certainly will need extra of the Hydrator-3.3 and Fatliquor-5.0 to rejuvenate your shearling to its original suppleness and dimension.

    Tips: Wool Odor.
    The body odor from the sheep is in the lanolin, DegreaserWool-5.6 will remove the excess lanolin, thus remove the odor. CleanWool-5.5 (pH 5.5 is wool-safe) and also has sanitizer that controls the sheepskin odor during the drying time. RinseWool-4.0 is to remove the suspended soiling and pH balance the wool. Protector-S+ the leather-scented version mask off the unpleasant sheepskin odor.
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    Tips for Shearling wool/suede cleaning:

    Wool has a pH value of about 5.5, and wool safe products is any brands that has a pH value of 5.5. To maintain the wool at its natural pH value of 5.5. When cleaning by hand method a rinse with a pH value of 4.0 is use to remove the suspended soiling. Because all wool will smell in the drying process, thus a build in sanitizer is incorporate into the cleaning product to control the unpleasant odor while drying.

    The other side of the shearling is suede and suede is an amphoteric material, thus it is sensitive to pH value of cleaning products as well. Suede has a pH value of 3 to 5, thus any products that has a pH value above 7 will denature the suede. It will cause the tanning agents, dyestuff and fatliquor to breaks its hydrogen bond with the suede protein fiber thus you can see the side effects such as dye-bleeding, tackiness, and shrinkage or wrinkles.
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    Using some leather sheepskin conditioner will help you softening the leather.

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