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Thread: New West Elm Axel sofa... peeling?

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    Default New West Elm Axel sofa... peeling?

    So I bought this sofa just over a month ago and the top layer of the leather appears to be peeling off. The sofa has only been lightly used, so really wasn't expecting this sort of wear am I correct in thinking this is an issue? Is the sofa/leather defective?

    Are the treatments I should be doing? The leather feels quite dry? OR should I just be looking for my money back?

    Here's a link to some reference images (couldn't get the forums image upload to work)

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    This is how you post pictures from this link:

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    Secondary color peeling of two-tone finishes is common where the darker secondary color peels off from friction rubs. A further inspection for positive identify is needed to confirm it. (show more pictures from different angles).

    Friction rubs causes the secondary coloring to peel, when the surface feel draggy and noisy when dragging across the surface will normally result in what you see.

    Preventive Care uses Protector-B or the leather scented version Protector-B+ over the surface will reduce the friction noise thus reduce friction wears. When the surface is well conditioned, sitting body weight glides over the leather surface smoothly and silently with reduced damages to the surface coatings.

    Color refinishing will involve color matching with 2Tone-37, degrease the surface with Degreaser-2.2 and rinse with Rinse-3.0, surface dry prep to smooth out peeling edges, a leather primer Adhesor-73 to promote adhesion, and the 2Tone-37 is applied either with fine airbrushing or by dabbing with pads or brushes to blend into the existing texture design. A matching luster topcoat MicroTop-54 seals the secondary coating and Protector-B/B+ reduces friction wears on a routine basis to keep at a high level of rub-resistant for durable use.

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