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Thread: Issue with Prep 4.4 and returning leather to healthy look

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    Default Issue with Prep 4.4 and returning leather to healthy look

    I have an Alma Bag in white multi color with Vachetta leather throughout the bag. I bought it in good condition, but it had some marks on the leather and some darkening on the hadles. I did the standard first process that I always do when I restore the Vachetta on a LV bag, I Hydrate - Fat Replensish - Hydrate. Once I did this to make sure the leather was hydrated and healhty enough to withstand a cleaning, I proceeded to do a restorative cleaning.
    Step 1: I used Prep 4.4, you can see from the pictures that after applying, aggitating then applying the towels for reverse transfer, that the leather appears very blothcy everywhere there was "dirt" or other stuff that rose to the surface.
    Step 2: To try and get the blothy spots out, I applied Clean 3.8, I wet the leather throuroughly with Clean 3.8 and agitated it with the horse hair brush, then applied the towels to reverse transfer everything onto the towels. After this step, I did not see that much of a reduction in the spots that were brought to the surface by the Prep 4.4
    Step 3: In an attempt to further rid the Vachetta of the spots on the it, I applied Rinse 3.3 and completely saturated the leather, followed by placeing towels over the leather to reverse transfer anything from the leather onto the towels. I let this fully dry.
    You can see from my pictures the results after these three steps in the restorative cleanin process, that the bag is a complete mess. It looks 10 times worse than it did before I started the cleaning process.

    I thought maybe I did something wrong, so I went back to the start and re did the entire restorative cleanig again, following the steps ONE: Prep 4.4, STEP TWO : Clean 3.8 STEP THREE: Rinse 3.3, Unfortunately, I am still in the same place. I'm not sure if I am running the risk of drying the leather by repeating these steps again and since it is not working to clear the leather of all of the dark blotchy spots anyway, I must be doing something wrong.

    I really need help as I wanted to restore and list this bag for sale and right now, I can not even consider selling it lookin as it does.

    I appreciate your input and help.

    THank you,

    Gwen Dernis
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    A lesson learned by not using the appropriate system. It is also important to know what each individual products is developed to accomplish. I provide online coaching, and I will walk you through to return your messed up bag, back to pre existing condition. If you want such training services.

    For the “Before” pictures, you should have used this Kit-V4 - Vachetta Leather Darkening Removal Kit instead with instructions found from this link:
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    Correction to the “after” pictures will require VachettaPro-1.2 > Acidifier-2.0.

    Follows by leather suppleness rejuvenation with Hydrator-3.3 > Fatliquor-5.0 > Hydrator-3.3 system.

    When completely dry, apply Vachetta-2.8

    You will see the blotchiness disappear when the leather is dry.

    Please show each step of your progress, for troubleshooting poor performances.

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    Roger Koh
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