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Thread: Gucci Handbag CUT in leather

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    Exclamation Gucci Handbag CUT in leather

    First off, I absolutely love your products. I have restored many of my Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Gucci bags using the Leather Doctor line. Every time the results have been amazing.

    I recently purchased this Gucci Marmont bag. Originally it was extremely dry and faded. I successfully cleaned it using Clean 3.8 then rehydrated and brought the color back with the Hydrator 3.3, Acidifier 2.0.

    Now I need to tackle a small cut on the bottom of the bag. The attached photos show the small cut. It is only partial thickness. When the leather is flat, the hole looks like a crease but when the leather is pinched the hole can be seen.

    I'm hoping to fill the hole with adhesive, then keep the surface flat. When the adhesive dries, it should keep the hole closed. I do not want any exterior patch or marking of the leather.

    Would you mind recommending which product I should use?

    Thank you so much!

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    Thank you!

    To heal the opening use Bond-3D

    Transparent dyestuff may be added to camouflage the repairs with Aniline-21

    To seal the repairs a gloss top coat applies to the entire section and extend to the entire bag to give it a fresh new appearance with AnilineTop-76G

    To increase the tactile buttery-feel more luxuriously use Protector-B or the leather-scented version Protector-B+

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    Roger Koh
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