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Thread: Orlow- aniline chairs with water stains

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    Default Orlow- aniline chairs with water stains

    hey roger i have these 2 chairs so far we've used clean 3.8, rinse 3.0, hydrate massaged in and bagged for multiple days then applied hydrator and fatliquor and let air dry. the water stain appears to have migrated a little but i cannot get it to move any further or lighten any more. any suggestions on going further with these?

    1a: hydrate and bag process
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    2a scope:
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    3a: some stretch marks and scratches
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    3b: water stain that got lighter but spread out quite a bit.
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    >>> 3b: water stain that got lighter but spread out quite a bit.

    pH Balancing:
    This lighter stains has to do with denaturing of the leather from alkaline over exposure.
    The remedy is to bring back the pH value of the lighter area in sync with the rest of the leather surface.
    When the pH value of the entire surface is balanced with
    CleanPro-1.5 (pH value 1.5) and rinse with
    Acidifier-2.0 (pH value 2.0) deep into the leather structure, it will pH balance the alkaline over-exposure.

    Leather Constituent Redistribution:

    At almost dry or about 25% moisture content, Hydrator-3.3
    Is applied deep into the leather structure to move and redistribute the migrating leather constituent back to the lighter areas.

    Leather Rejuvenation:
    Hydrator-3.3 > Fatliquor-5.0
    > Hydrator-3.3 system applies . . .

    Let me know your progress . . .

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    Roger Koh
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    Consultant / Practitioner / Instructor / Coach
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