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Thread: Sheepskin Rug after Machine Washing Issues:

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    I spent quite a bit of time on the leather doctor website looking at product information and on inquiries posted to the technical support boards. However, I am still not sure what products and processes would be best for my situation. I have a very old sheepskin rug that I just washed (in machine, cool, on delicate, with a wool shampoo). There are still some stained areas on the wool and the suede is drying quite hard. There is also a sizeable hole in one part of the suede. I was thinking that I should get the hydrator 3.3 and fatliquor 5.0 to address the dry/cracking suede, as I saw you recommend this to people who seemed to have similar issues. I am not sure what amount of these products would be necessary to treat my rug (approximately sized 3ft x 5ft). I am also not sure what products I might use if I wanted to patch the hole in the suede or if I wanted to further address the stains on the wool. Can you please advise? I have included some pictures of the rug/issues I have described.

    Lastly, to use the hydrator 3.3 and fatliquor 5.0, will I need to re-soak my rug in the washing machine? Or just saturate the suede side with the hydrator 3.3?

    Thank you!

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    First, unless there is a label that says “machine washable” this sheepskin is probably alum-tanned.
    And the machine rinsing also removed the tanning agent, thus reverting to rawhide.

    Hydrator-3.3 > Fatliquor-5.0 will work unless the raw skin is re-tanned back to leather.

    Interested to know about the tanning option?

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