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Thread: New sheepskin - want to remove lanolin & scent, soften coarse wool side

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    Default New sheepskin - want to remove lanolin & scent, soften coarse wool side


    I have 2 brand new sheepskin rugs still fresh with lanolin and it's scent. The online farm shop I bought them from says they're naturally softened with animal fats, but they both feel coarse to the touch. Rug 1: is a 5" plush ivory Icelandic. Rug 2: is a fine-haired rose-beige Icelandic; while it looks silky it is not very soft. I do not want to condition or rejuvenate the suede skin as it's still brand new and in great skin health. I want to start the cleaning process from vacuuming and dry soil removal.

    My goals are to remove the lanolin and its scent (the oil shine always appears on my hands) and to soften/condition the fur. I was wondering if the below products will do the trick. I read on this forum the acidifier can also help soften the wool and the sanitizer is good as a disinfectant which seems helpful since my cats enjoy rolling over and putting their cuddly butts on these rugs.

    Terry towel
    Protector-S+ (leather scented)

    Images attached. Please note the resolution is so big and I'm having such a hard time resizing them. Please right-click and open in new tab to see the coarse fur texture better.

    Thanks so much,
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    >>> HideBrush-4
    Only good for surface cleaning and grooming, to go deeper you will need a slicker brush.

    >>> Terry towel
    A white cotton terry towel is used to extract during degreasing, cleaning and rinsing.

    >>> DegreaserWool-5.6

    DegreaserWool-5.6 (pH value 5.6 - wool-safe) is developed to removed excess lanolin that attract soiling like magnets.

    >>> CleanWool-5.5

    CleanWool-5.5 (pH value 5.5 - wool-safe) is developed to clean wool with odor controlling the damp wool smell. As a continuous wet process, it may follow after DegreaserWool-5.6.

    >>> RinseWool-4.0
    RinseWool-4.0 (pH value 4.0) is for rinsing DegreaserWool-5.6 and CleanWool-5.5 until free of suds.

    >>> Protector-S+ (leather scented)

    Protector-S+ impart a silky tactile-feel to the touch to reduce the feel of coarseness.
    Stiffness is another issue that is related to the age of the wool.
    Although we talk about soft wool, however the hairs will feel different and in all animals this is natural.

    >>> Acidifier-2.0
    Acidifier-2.0 (pH value 2.0) only soften when wool stiff up from alkaline overexposure, besides soften coarseness it also lightens any browning effects.

    >>> Sanitizer-3.9
    Sanitizer-3.9 (pH value 3.9) This products controls bacteria editing odors or put general bacteria to the dormant mood.

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